Meow 'n' Dash

About this game

Meow 'n' Dash is a tiny, highly-addictive and fast paced arcade game.

Play as one of the adorable kittens and clear stages by turning all the yarn balls to the same color by pushing them against each other. The slower yarn ball takes the color of the faster yarn ball. Beware of the black yarn balls, you don't get any points from them.

Sounds easy? YES! but... you have only 90 sec. (=•́ܫ•̀=)


  • A excellent Family friendly coffee-break game!

  • Insanely Addictive and Simple gameplay for 1-2 Players

  • Infinite replayability as you chase ever higher scores!

  • Choose from 7 unlockable adorable kittens! (Murky, Frosty, Cheeto, Inky, Elvira, Caspar or Robocat Giskard)

  • 3 game modes: Classic , Zen or Versus

  • Plenty of delicious bonus fish to eat.

  • Cute retro pixel-art graphics

  • Great music by Kevin MacLeod.

  • Full Xbox 360 controller support

  • Includes Steam Achievements

Warning: This game contains a lot of cats! meow..

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